Review: The Empath

Hello, hello! Yes, another book from NetGalley. So the review will be written in english.
Tittle: The Empath
Author: Erica Crouch
Genre: Young Adult
In a Victorian society fascinated by spiritualists, something wicked sinks its claws in from the other side.

Odessa is a psychic; her mother, the Great Madame Elena, is a fraud. After a séance goes terribly wrong and a woman ends up dead, an evil force slips into the land of the living.

Though Odessa and her mother try to outpace the rumors spreading, they can't escape the danger that has taken residence within Odessa herself. When Odessa is shouldered with the responsibility of the Great Madame Elena’s business, she starts to lose control of the spirit world, and she can’t afford to make another mistake.

Asked to open the door to the other side again, Odessa witnesses a brutal murder that hints at black magic and is faced with a choice: risk her life for freedom from her mother, or go on living a life of servitude. If she goes into a trance again, will she be able to maintain control?
What motivated me to request this book? Well, two things. The cover, the beautiful cover. And the summary that just seemed to interesting. So I requested the book, thanks to Patchwork Press.

The story begins with Odessa and we know her mother. So Odessa is a young girl who also is a psychic, an authentic one, not fake like her mother 'The great Madame Elena'. Who is really mean to his daughter. 
The only concern of Odessa's mother is money. That's all she care for. Odessa wants to be free, she is really tired of being forced to read palms and do all the kind of stuff she is supposed to do. To help her mother, who isn't special like her.

And she knows that there are dangerous things around. During a séance, she experienced something really strong. And now she is afraid. One day, she recived an invitation to a séance. Warren is a handsome boy who is sent to deliver the invitation to a private séance. Odessa doubts about it. She will think about it. When she tells her mother about the invitation, Madame says it's a good offer and convince her daugther to go.
Odessa arrives for the séance. Warren, Theresa, Benjamin... She really wants to help them. But there is something really wrong that she can't see initially. 

The story is very short. I wish it had more pages to read because the story is really interesting, mysterious and catching. I liked the characters. Specially how well Erica Crouch managed to hide some surprises for the reader. Great plot twist. 
Other element that has a good use in the story: the tarot cards. The meaning is important for the story. 

If you have the chance read The Empath. I enjoyed the book and I hope to read more about the author soon :)
3.5/5 keys!

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Rebeca Favila~ dijo...

Soy mala escribiendo inglés, pero si lo entiendo bien cuando lo leo (caso curioso, ¿no?). Bueno, te dejo mi comentario en español. La verdad es que no me llamó mucho la atención el libro, suena interesante, pero hay algo que no me llama del todo, igual quizá en un futuro si lo lea.
Saludos Infinitos.

ღ Luisa Fernanda ღ dijo...

:O This book sounds great!! specially the short part - I'm bad for reading loooong fantasy books ^^
Y también me gusta la portada :)
Gracias por tu reseña y saludos!!!

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